In today’s world, change is a constant. Insurers must adapt almost instantaneously – even proactively – to changing market conditions. Insurers that can’t keep up with evolving markets quickly lose business.

At Unirisx, we understand how important it is to have software that enables rapid innovation. Our software was developed by former insurance executives, underwriters, and tech experts. We know from experience how essential it is to eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in legacy IT systems, because we experienced them ourselves.

Unirisx commits to making your experience smooth, quick, and risk free from the very beginning. We customize our software to fit your already existing workflow, so disruption is minimal. Average implementation of the first product occurs in less than 6 months, with additional products added in just 60-90 days. In fact, the strength of our software enables us to contractually commit to a timeline for implementation.

Because Unirisx’s software is specifically designed to adapt to market changes, new ventures and channels can be launched at low cost and low risk. Clients can smoothly and easily launch new products via new distribution channels, across different territories, in real time. Insurers can define their products and distribution chains without restriction. Additionally, Unirisx’s easy-to-use and intuitive software allows insurance professionals to concentrate on what they do best – sell insurance.

Start–ups and New Ventures

Reliable, early support is crucial for new business ventures. With Unirisx, start-ups have access to the strongest infrastructure for their company. Unirisx solution can be quickly tailored to meet a start-up’s evolving business model and shifting needs. Additionally, low upfront costs and cost certainty for implementation allow start-ups to avoid disastrous budgetary overruns.



Unirisx maintains permanent offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, with marketing affiliates around the globe, including in Tokyo, Sydney, Delhi, and Mumbai. Unirisx has successfully implemented more than 50 lines of business in more than 25 currencies, in 21 countries, on 4 continents. Our company’s platform has also been successfully deployed in all 50 states.


Test Markets

Whether you’re releasing a new product or expanding into a new territory, you can’t risk being bogged down by a cumbersome back-office system. Unirisx helps you be one of the first to launch. Our multi-channel, e-business platform offers price and delivery timescale certainty, and features an intuitive user-interface that helps you increase automation, reduce software redundancy, and lower maintenance costs. Our approach guarantees a speedy, cost-effective, and low risk route to market.


Direct Channel

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to give end consumers a positive experience. Unirisx makes that work easy. Our secure, responsive technology platform allows direct distributors to process essential customer data, manage risk, and operate a smart manufacturing hub – all at an incredibly low cost. The result? End consumers experience a smooth transaction that encourages their loyalty and confidence, and ensures their return.



We know that brokers, MGAs, and MGUs occupy diverse roles. Whether you’re operating independently or as part of the distribution chain, working with unusual lines or in geographically isolated areas, Unirisx supports your needs. We provide a robust, secure portal which can either grant access to predefined products, or allow you to define, generate, and gain capacity for new products.


London Markets

In the early 2000’s, Unirisx was developed as a web based platform for Binding Authority business. Those Lloyd’s Coverholders are still our clients, giving us years of in-depth experience supporting the London market. Today, over 70,000 Coverholders, MGAs, Brokers, Agents, and Carriers use our tested and true platform. The flexibility and configurability of Unirisx’s system supports even complex underwriting rules, tables, and real-time referrals. In fact, the ease of our system gives our clients self-sufficiency in adapting existing or developing new lines of business.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions offer a tremendous opportunity to combine the best elements of two entities into a far stronger business. However, they also create major business challenges, including organizational and procedural changes, resource conflict, new capital costs, and infrastructure differences. Unirisx configurable system easily accommodates these major changes. Our cloud based system engages and empowers the whole organization, and allows you to rapidly configure channels and lines to fit your new needs.